fuck yeah greg mcilvaine

last night, in a beautifully appointed rented soundstage in atwater village

greg vaine, your boy, invited bandmates from groups he’s rocked with since he was a teen,

to his time in isla vista,


and now back in LA.

there were reunions, surprises, cover tunes, a taco hat,

multiple costume changes,

it could have gone on all weekend.

it’s a testament to how loved greg is and how many different genres of music are better when he’s on guitar.

i hope we do this every 50 years.

The Frogtown Serenaders debuted last night at the Mint in Hollywood

Os and Greg

and they were fantastic.

Mr. Hepburn and I had front row seats in part because Mr. Oswald J. Tyler had not sang in front of a live audience since Heather’s wedding

and it’s always great to hear Greg play any sort of guitar, even the acoustical.

this band is a super group of sorts which only is happening because Greg has parted ways with Vaude and the Villians, which was and is a great group, but as a fan, when theres 20 people on stage its hard to hear the rhythm guitarist.

so i was very grateful to see this new combo which contains the trumpet (or is it a coronet) and banjo dual attack of soloists.

this picture also doesnt show off their 24-year-old singer lady whose name escapes me but she was as talented as she is beautiful

even her parents were in the audience last night — awwwww – because they heard about Os


they play again in a couple of weeks at a Cubs bar in DTLA so i will have better video and pictures from that gig.

last night i just wanted to get wasted because of sads from politics.