thought i was gonna get called up to the pros this week

i was wrong.

i’ve been wrong a lot this year.

are my spidey senses outta wack? have i lost my mojo?

the only place i seem to be connecting with lately is Reddit. everything i post there does well.

yesterday i went to bed early. woke up. walked around the block and jeanine called.

she has been off her game too. she lied to me the other day and i caught her in it.

when you lie to your so called guardian angel (me), you should reevaluate things.

we all find ourselves with some broken strings on our guitar sometimes.

normal people get new strings, tune em, and play on.

but when we are listening to the demons in our head we think,

is it me? am i the one who is out of tune? did i do something to insult the guitar? did i strum wrong? am i a terrible person?

no fool, you need some new strings, they’re cheap, get some.

only humans act this way.

monkeys always have nice strings.

i have a gas smell in my kitchen.

called the gas man.

hope he comes soon.