can you do it again

is there anything left in that secret bag?

was it all total luck?

who are you and is that a good thing

or a great thing?

the mysteries are there because who wants to know how it’s gonna end.

you can do it again.

i was asked the simplest questions the other day and it was like when a pitcher throws a batter

a slow ball.

they call it a change up because your whole life you learn at first to hit the fast ball and then the curve

then someone, especially in a pressure situation, just throws up the easiest ball to hit but sooooo slowly and you get to anxious

and you whiff.

i whiffed on the two easiest questions the other day and if i was able to get a redo id knock it outta the park

but how often do we get a chance to try it again, slower? hardly ever.

like the guy in hamilton said, make sure your palms aren’t sweaty,
knees strong, arms aren’t heavy
iron your shirt, eat your mom’s spaghetti