i feel great today

today is a day off, but i will go on a walk, eat a taco or two and listen to next weeks episode to make sure there are no mistakes

then i will come home and try to do as much on the blog for it as i can bc i really need to clean tomorrow and work and write

bc on wednesday, after 22 years, im getting a new kitchen floor, a floor that is probably 40 years old.

today is kurt cobain’s birthday and also leah in texas

this is a picture of OJ in 1984, the summer i moved to LA

he is carrying the torch up The California Incline

i was there

it was a cool moment

and then incredibly cool and touching when he passed the torch to a kid with cancer


everyone cried because first we see big strong OJ

then we see this little kid who needed help to walk

but he did it.

this is one of my earliest memories of LA

and one of many many reasons i love it so.

i got a sudden boost of happiness

not sure why. and this happens several times a day most days.

i read about people who get swept by gloom regularly and i feel bad for them

nothings 100% positive. For example the screen i am typing this into shows my letters very very small and i have not figured out how to fix that. which makes me feel stupid.

do i have an inferiority complex? no. i know im not stupid. i may be very poor right now. i may be alone. i may be 20 pounds overweight and bald and without any decent job prospects that you would expect a college grad to have, especially one with the success i usually bring to my work place.

but i am not dumb. how do i know this?

i read twitter.


lets go back to good feelings. its not a humble brag because theres nothing to brag about.

it is either the asprin i ate or the half of a bottle of warm Coke. maybe all of this is a sugar rush.

maybe i am happy because i am finally transcribing Mondays thing. which might be Sundays thing because i dont wanna wait until Monday.

some things are just luck, they just happen to you, like the time i went to a party and got dressed up and somehow kissed 7 beautiful girls. good kisses too.

that had nothing to do with me. it was luck. it was the angels saying, lets give tony something he will never forget. lets give him a taste of what Heavens like: sure you gotta wear a suit, but its just one pretty girl after another kissing you while good music plays.

i dont know much about heaven but i know this: the letters in the blogging screens up there are NORMAL SIZED

and theres rivers of cold Coke classic.