i got a new laptop

totally overdue.

i had an old fella. you had to trick it into working sometimes. like open up the Photos or unplug the charger.

problem with that is it could only really go for about 45 minutes on its battery.

so i took the stimulus money i got about bought a macbook air which they say is for kids but all i do is write and watch porn and HTML and do fantasy sports and blog, and from what all the people on YouTube say, the Air will do those fine.

two things ive noticed after a few days of using it

its fucking fast.

its addictive

the screen is too small – im used to a 17″ and this one is 13″.

the speed is worth the screen size trade off.

what it really makes me want is the 16″ bad boy but that costs $3-$4k

the good thing about the little size is it fits anywhere. right now i got a pillow on it so it doesnt heat up m’balls.

its trying to get warm but it’s so wee it doesnt have the capability.

life is crazy right now. everythings nuts. things are backwards. bad things could happen at any moment it seems. bad things ARE happening at any moment.

its good we are staying inside.

it’s good i have a new computer.

it’s good you are there.

i’ll write something good with this because the keyboard is magical and it allows me to write from any position. ive been needing that.

the spirit will get through me with this.

you’ll see.