what a crazy day today was

its 420 and imma write this get high and go to sleep.

9am construction guys are coming thru.

gonna suck.

but today was great. finished my first hear in LA episode i did all alone

edited the audio and everything. crazy. had to learn about automation so i could adjust the volume within the thing. i also had to find music and insert that in.

was easier than i thought.

but half way through the day i saw a guy snooping around the courtyard. turned out he was an interview i was supposed to have.

embarrassed i put everything together and we did it and it was one of the best ones ever. he was such an interesting wine and booze expert with a fascinating story.

then a beautiful red head called me. then i was cooking and me and a’magine were texting so i just called her and that ended up long. so the episode’s blog post didnt go up till 10pm. then i had to work for setlist.

i had already done some of the research over the weekend bc i knew id be slammed today but i didnt finish till 4am because i never know when to stop on those things. and there was still more i coulda added.

some guy wrote in to tell me i was wrong about something and thankfully it went to bree who proved to him i was right. of course im right i love seeing whats true.

todays episode is very good.

we talk about antifa

and why he went from catholic to muslim to catholic again

and local politics which no one really cares about but they should. imma talk about it every time i can.

so glad this blog is working again.