was at a party tonight and a famous writer asked me

“when did you stop your blog? 4-5 years ago?”

when i told her, embarrassingly, actually i’ve never stopped, in fact this year ive written 150 or so blog posts.

little did i know i am just a few away from 200.

so what should i do? should i link to these incredible posts more on Facebook and Twitter?


the problem i have is this. i get paid by very sweet people to write for their sites.

and i spend the majority of brainpower trying to figure out how to make them more popular.

should i really hype this old and obviously forgotten URL too?

maybe it means that i dont write anything good over here. that could be true. and lord knows i don’t tell all my secrets or write about being a wild bachelor. and because i like my job i dont complain or do weird things or yell at people or all the things that made this thing killer back in the day.

we are so not in the day any more.

remember the day?

id write on here 3-4 times a day. i had no life. i was trying so hard.

should i try harder? i should try harder.

i should also be pansexual. but what a dumb name that is.

bad enough being a Cub fan. Pansexual sound like we cosplay with Peter Pan characters.

(stay away from Mr. Hook.)

whats interesting with the blogosphere being dead is, back in the day i wanted this to be about politics and dating. but when everyone and their brothers started writing about politics i laid off of that a little and just let welch and layne and all the others write politics.

the other day i felt bad for matt because i saw all the replies in some tweet he wrote and they were all so dumb. imagine anything you write gets like the lamest replies.

it’d be like being a farmer and all your crops were sunflowers.

two three sunflowers are fine, but can you imagine a whole field of them. just how tedious and bland that would feel like after a while.

itd make you start hating sunflowers.

i’ll never hate blogging.

or you, dear busblog.

it’s ok no one knows youre alive.

we can be weirder then