theres times i get negative, but for the most part all i can see is opportunity

i dont know why.

it might be from being a Cub fan and if we focused too much on the failure that the Cubs have been over the years, it would have killed us.

so instead we focused on the pretty ivy or the beautiful scoreboard that was updated by hand.

or how green the grass always was

or the bricks

or the cold beer in the bleachers

and the wonderfully funny fans.

fat guys (like me now) with our shirts off.

which i hear is illegal now.

or the fact that we had no lights at Wrigley

which i hear they changed in 1988.

Seek and ye shall find, the good book says

so why seek for bad and evil and disgusting all the time

when what we really wanna find is joy

and beauty

and love and


ive lived half my life already and ive seen some huge improvements

lauren at pridei lived in a time when tvs only had four channels

i lived in a time when there were zero video games.

then there was one. then there were two.

i lived in a time when calculators cost over $100 and when gas cost less than $1 a gallon.

i lived in a time before air bags in cars. when it was ok to smoke in a plane.

i went to college at a time when most of the kids didnt have computers.

when there was zero internet or email.

only recently was there a black man as president.

for most of my life not everyone could get married, in America.

but that changed.

you now can legally buy marijuana, a plant that has never killed anyone, in several states.

and we have these magical devices. they call them phones.

but theyre nothing like the phones i grew up with.

these know where you are. these can answer almost every question. they can translate all the languages.

they can take photos and send them around the world in an instant.

they can play every song miles davis ever recorded

these phones will unlock once it senses your finger print.

it can tell you how many miles you walked that day, that month, that year.

these so called phones are fairly new to this planet

they exist because we discovered there was a need and we allowed that need to be satisfied.

we have a need to limit the amount of gun violence in this beautiful country

and i am certain that before the second half of my life is over

that we will solve this problem too.

and the Cubs will win the world series

and families wont go bankrupt if someone gets sick.

and money will be removed from politics.

and people will actually start reading the bible instead of just talking about it.

thats what i think.