protesters made a peace sign in Inglewood last night

peace sign on the street

all weekend there were protests around the country.

most of the time police donning riot gear approached the demonstrators in aggressive ways with night sticks and machine guns and little mini tanks.

but in LA when the protesters marched down Manchester past the 405 to Randy’s Donuts

and the cops were nowhere in the shot.

they just let the demonstration happen.

now it helped that there were lots of alternative routes for motorists to use to get around the blocked off intersection

and when the demonstration found its way onto the 405 where they blocked traffic for a few minutes, the cops arrived and moved them back to the safety of the donut intersection

and then the cops left.

with no friction, the people did what good people do: they did something beautiful and made a peace symbol.

for all the mistakes and cringeworthy moments of this weekend, this was a super sweet spontaneous image i’ll never forget.

and we have the inglewood police and their mayor, mayor butts, to thank for it.