i think i have a good idea

funny cat is funnyi think i have, actually, many good ideas

amber is napping, charles mingus is on the bluetooth

one cat is sleeping on the floor, the other is on the bookshelf gnawing on the corner of it

i want to get this idea in the right hands

but tomorrow i have to get to sleep early because tuesday i have to be at work at 4am.

because of the oscar nominations.

which should be exciting, and we get to leave early when it’s over, after we do a few things, nothing too strenuous.

and then we can get back to sleep.

today i watched football and half of this hank williams movie.

last night we watched the Tonya Harding movie and amber cried because shes sensitive to violence.

which makes me feel like i have the blackest heart because i wasnt effected at all

except for near the end, margot robbie, as tonya was delivering this great monologue and

man it hit me.

because she was right, i had my opinion of her, based on a hand full of reports

this was all pre internet

but even today how often do we judge people without fully researching the sitch

the cat is now done with the bookshelf and sitting as close to ambers feet as possible

mingus keeps swinging

and i keep a-thinking…