because ive got obamacare, im gonna get a therapist

apparently thats what youre supposed to do. talk to someone about your problems.

but i was raised at a time and place where you just fix your problems

and even if you have a great support system around you and legal weed

you shouldn’t really ask for help even if you need it.

also, a lot of time i dont know what help i need other than stop being lazy.

i have blogged here, on medium, and for this company that pays me to do it occasionally

but i know how much im capable of and i know how little i do.

ppl are like, dude you do a lot.

but thats in comparison to others.

never compare yrself to others.

so if i had a therapist i would ask her why my first crush was a tomboy who ended up being a lesbian?

is this why a lot of tween girls love boy bands and kpop dudes?

and i swear if i get a therapist whose all, well what do you think? im gonna fire her because i want a conversation. i want a real one. no holds barred. no ones feelings get hurt. no one needs to worry, just talk.

pretty sure jodie foster was the first picture of a girl i ever put on my wall.

she is still someone id be super nervous to meet if i ever got the chance.

she is a scorpio.