one of my favorite musicians is Kesha

tumblr_o2wwd1NzEH1v233sbo6_500 you might know her as Ke$ha

recently she changed her name back to Kesha as her real name is Kesha Rose.

i must say, i wasnt a huge fan of her until i saw her reality show on MTV and then i fell for her in a big way because i loved that her mom co-wrote songs with her

and her brother was the videoographer.

but it got me to listen to her songs, which were fun

and funny

and poppy

and contagious.

also, she can sing.

you may have seen her name in the news recently because she is trying to get out of her contract with Sony because she has accused her producer, Dr. Luke, of drugging and then raping her.

while some have given her a hard time for not immediately going to the police and forcing criminal charges,

victims often don’t contact police because the whole thing is just so emotional theyd rather not deal with it.

tumblr_o2wwd1NzEH1v233sbo9_500Kesha, who owes Sony 4 more records just wanted to be free of that commitment because clearly having to work for or around someone who youve accused of a heinous crime isnt really the best place to try to be vulnerable

and creative and happy

and fun

and all of the things that made the first two Kesha records smash hits.

but this month a NY judge said that it would be financially damaging to the giant record company if the court allowed Kesha to terminate her deal.

obviously that judgement ticked off a lot of fans and fellow artists because regardless of whether or not Kesha’s allegations are true,

the sad dark history of music is many young female musicians have been abused by men in the business. and the fact that Sony just didn’t settle the matter out of court or deal quietly with the singer,

tumblr_o2wwd1NzEH1v233sbo5_500who a few years ago went to rehab for an eating disorder, triggered an avalanche of support for Kesha. including from the likes of Lady Gaga, Lorde, Adriana Grande and Taylor Swift.

Swift this week gave Kesha a quarter million dollars to help her with her legal fees.

so what’s next for Kesha? some say her career is over now at 25 years old. they say this because they doubt that Sony will push any new record of hers as much as they would have before all this drama.

if an artist has one or two flops that could be terrible for a pop star,

but imagine four low-selling records in a row — not even the most talented artists could survive that in the record business.

it will be interesting to see how Kesha deals with this going forward. will she figure out a way to live up to her contractual obligations while staying away from Dr. Luke?

Will Sony quietly partner with another label and split the profits [recommended!]

or will Kesha be someone who we dont see again for a decade when she is released from the giant label and allowed to sing the songs she should have been singing all along with her choice of producers?

one way to keep up with her current struggle is to follow the hashtag #FreeKesha on Twitter.