my girlfriend kirsten dunst is fantastic in fargo

kirstin dunsti cant say i have seen her in very many great things lately. what has she even been in?

from 2011-2014, heres what shes been up to:

The Two Faces of January
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
El Trousias Maiden of the Clouds
Upside Down
On the Road
Random Acts of Violence

of those I saw Melancholia, which she was fantastic in but man was it weird and she really didnt get to show off a whole range.

in fargo she got to play lots of different aspects of a woman going through a change in her life.

in fact she is stretching so much, trying to become “fully realized” someone asks her if shes crazy.


is she crazy? no. has crazy stuff happened to her? hell yeah.

kirsten gained about 25 pounds for the role because the character is pretty but not a bombshell. typical hoarder next door who wants to be more of an independent woman while being a good wife.

i dont know who else they had in mind for this role, but she was perfect. and now my love for her has only intensified.

very excited that she will star in season three, but what on earth could they have in store for her?