the culture is lit and i had a ball

i listen to LDR every night as i float into that frightful dark dimension

i took a nap this afternoon which is tempting fate 2x

i dont like sleeping bc i dont like dreams bc i dont like lies

if theres one thing that will ruin our relationship is when untruths appear

and i know, you’ll say, but tony, dreams don’t pretend to be anything

other than

dirty fibs told to us while we’re powerless

but still.

why even have them.

i get so mad after a dream. good or bad.

good because it was fiction

bad because now im stressed for no good reason?

i day dream plenty, trust me.

this college dean said if youre gonna nap, just dont make them longer than 40 minutes

and that works

but still i feel like there was monkey business going on when i was down

which is not cool

but this song sure is.