my landlady hates me so much

green suit joker

that yesterday she agreed to meet me at my apartment to see the space in the back of my apartment

i told her that i want to put a washer dryer back there and she asked about the hookups

i said there are hookups and a vent for the dryer and its right next to the gas line.

she said i want to see it. so yesterday she came over with an “expert” and they saw it.

and of course it was perfect and beautiful.

and she said, well we have always thought about converting one of those garages back there

into a laundry facility

so we could alleviate this problem for


of the tenants.

i live in an 8-unit apartment.

at least 5 of them already have their own washer dryer.

so she’s gonna spend at least $2k converting the garage and $4k on two washer dryers

for 3 tenants.

just so i cant have one in my own crib.

she pays $6k, I pay $zer0 k?