but first, a selfie


some days i dont wanna drive.

some days i dont wanna write.

some days i just wanna go home, collect my dirty laundry and go to the coin laundry.

i wrote my landlady at the beginning of the year to see if i can get a washer dryer. she never responded.

probably because she knows she cant legally say no and it will break her heart to say yes because im paying maybe 1/2 what the going rate is for this apartment and she wants me out.

on the other hand a washer dryer, a good one, costs about a grand.

my trips to the coin laundry costs maybe $8. which means i would have to do laundry 125 times to break even.

currently i go to the laundry about once a month. maybe every three weeks.

so maybe i go 18 times a year.

so i wouldnt break even for 7 years.

on one hand its a royal pain to go to the coin laundry but on the other hand you see things there you wouldnt see in the back of your apartment.

yesterday i saw a man sitting on a bench enjoying his chicken and a tall bud light.

a nice mexican man wearing a cowboy hat.

was he doing his laundry? who knows.

i was, and i put a brown towel in with my whites, i poured some bleach in there

and now i have a peach towel.