people are moving out of LA, and that’s fine

they heading out to texas and the deep south and vegas, florida

anywhere where there arent state income taxes and homelessness and traffic and insane real estate prices

and i am on top of runyun canyon, where lemmy posed for this picture,

and im pointing east saying that way fuckers

that way.

like mr motorhead, ive lived in hollywood now 37% of my life. all in this 1 bedroom apt.

lemmy had a 1bd in hollywood too.

lately ive been watching videos on youtube of people moving out of LA buying houses.

and i look at other videos of people around the world: bali, manila, mexico city, india, tokyo to see what its like there

how much they spend on rent, what they do for fun

and the weirdest thing happened: i realized i have it good here.

thanks to 5 years driving uber, if you give me a cross street i pretty much know where it is and whats around it.

and how to get there quickest.

do i want to explore? of course.

but the more i talk with people the more i learn how little i know about this place.

how little i know about the history and what makes people tick.

would it be nice to have a pool and a hot tub and a dishwasher, yes.

but it’s also nice not to have to start all over

even if it’s on a tropical isle

with a rooftop cabana

and maids that come whenever you want

for six bucks.