do you know i love you? i do.

the world is going through some interesting phases right now.

it reminds me of how i am when i am sick. i get angry and bitter and then sad. then i think imma die. then i get real quiet.

then i promise to God Above that i am gonna change if i survive it all.

then i get even MORE sick and eventually puke all over everything. then i sleep for a while, clean the whole house, eat right for once, and return stronger.

i think this country is in the puking stage followed by the burning of police stations and Wendys’

i must say this is the first time i have ever seen a nation as a whole go through this together, and it is fascinating to watch some resist it. but if i can return to analogies about bodily fluids: when you have to puke, putting your hand in front of your mouth only makes it spray.

this is change we are going through. real change. change for the better. and hopefully what will soon follow is change for women and immigrants and on and on. i hope it’s like dominoes. i hope it happens one after another. because the thing is, all people who have felt like their growth has been stymied dont want to take the sunlight from others, we just want to share it.

and theres enough for everyone.

white men can relax. there will always be room for them at the table. Larry Bird taught us that. as did Eminem. as the great Lizzo said, If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine.

also: if everyone on the team is hitting their marks, and performing at their best, things are easier for everyone and life is better. dont we all want life to be better for everyone? are there people who truly want to be the only successes? i want to meet them. i wanna see whats up with them.

ok its 1026pm. dinner time.