i feel like ive had many educations

i spent several years at the beginning of this century hiring people while being part of one of the few internet startups during the dot com boom that went public and stills around.

that was college of learning how to see people’s hearts, a handy superpower.

hired over 400 people there.

over the years i was lucky enough to have the chance to hire others and they were pretty much all incredible due to that early experience.

this blog plus LAist was college of learning how to blog decently.

then the LA Times was like the journalism school i always wanted. but way better.

then the Academy was like college of social media.

all of those places were days and days and years and years of on the job training and learning from the best.

and then watching the scoreboard tell you how youre doing.

tonight i watched BUtterfield 8 and sorted baseball cards.

perfect saturday in lockdown.