i guess im snot an influencer

now that i have this job ive been getting fun little offers to try things

the first was this thing down in orange county.

i forget what they wanted me to see but i nearly did it because it included a free uber ride back and forth

and i wanted to interview the driver down and the driver back up

cuz how often would you be able to interview someone for 45 minutes to an hour who couldnt stop the interview?

a total stranger.

also i wanted them to have a good ride for the day.

but i was busy and couldnt do it.

then yesterday a company invited me to a tequila tasting from 1pm – 3pm over by Dodger Stadium

also free uber.

but i have so much to do today i couldnt really justify being drunk / buzzed in the middle of the day and probably taking a nap at 5pm

id never make it as an influencer at this age

you know how many things ive drank, ate, kissed, hugged, barfed, boned, and pooped?

all the things.

whats this tequila gonna do for me?

its gonna ruin my day probs. not make it.

also im addicted to the new taylor swift album so