i dont wanna believe in luck

i wanna believe that sure the Lord is up there looking down but

at least some of this is our own doing

but is it?

i have had the most beautiful life.

i have known the greatest people.

i have kissed the girls even th0ugh i buy my clothes from the sears bargain rack

and wear anything my momma mails me.

im overweight, bald, religious, and i love baseball cards.

yet theres the sweetest girl snoozing away in one of my tshirts and not only is my heart warm

but due to her my apartment is clean and soon i’ll poop out the most delicious meal.

about three weeks ago i promised that i would be nicer to her because, and im sure lots of people who have been holed up together during all of this can relate

i have snapped a few times. in fact for a good four hours a day when i was on deadline she had to walk on eggshells because the faintest sound would get a comment from me.

i was intense!

i really wanted our coronavirus wrap ups to be amazing and detailed, also i was obsessed with the developments

but upwards to 20 links a day involves a ton of reading the saddest, scariest, most fucked up news all day and night.

at one point i would get relief for a day but it can take a toll on you.

this weekend ive noticed how now i feel comparatively carefree to then

and i have indeed been nicer to snoozy.

how do you change the world?

be cooler in yr lil universe.

give God less to clean up