i deleted this post on medium. im not sure i feel about it

things people told me in my car today

i do rideshare in LA. i love it bc of the ppl

a woman in her late 60s (pp tell me everything, even on short trips) told me about catching COVID in 2020.

she said she was really scared of dying, but hung in there. sadly food doesn’t taste as good as it used to,

and she can’t smell poop.

three young marines who just ended their end of the bargain were headed to ucla to chat it up with the coeds

one had been to afghanistan, one to europe, and one remained stateside the whole time.

sarcastically i asked the first two if they looked down on their buddy.

one said, i wouldnt wish ptsd on anyone. im glad he didn’t have to see it.

i asked the one who was in afghanistan what the girls looked like.

sir, most of them were covered head to toe, but sometimes we did raids, early when everyone is sleeping. princess jasmines. all of them.

got a guy with a cast on his foot. he broke it while playing ice hockey at the rink in the valley. skate got caught in the boards.

he said it was unbelievably painful but he knew an ambulance all the way to cedars would be expensive so he had his buddy drive him.

when they got there they said it would be an 8 hour wait bc it wasnt life or death and they were slammed with some craziness.

so his buddy drove him home, his wife gave him a dozen asprins and he was so exhausted from being in pain he slept like a baby.

got a guy whose producing a horror film with a vulgar title. as we drove he showed me the trailer. looks great.

picked up a girl at a frat house. couldnta been prettier. 8am. drove through campus to her sorority house. hows the food in there, i ask.

mmmmmmmm she smiled.

what im doing is writing first then seeing who wants it

if no one wants it, then i put it on Medium.

the good thing about Medium is lets say it takes off in a month, you get paid.

lets say it takes off in a year. you get paid.

if you give it to someone else you only get paid then and never again.

one thing i learned from record labels is: the majority of the money they reap is on the back catalogue.

even though the attention and hype is about the new releases, they actually make more on the long tail. all those classic records still get sold. maybe not hundreds of thousands a week, but enough that when you add them all up it keeps the lights on, for sure.

why shouldnt writing be the same way?