michael moore’s fahrenheit 11/9

we forget about our ideals

we forget about the things that are important to us.

we let them deflect away from the concept by demonizing the politician

even though we all agree that all the politicians are lacking.

all of them.

ive loved every single one of my girlfriends so much, so deeply, so intensely, but ive lacked with each one, ive said stupid shit, ive not done certain things that would have made things easier and better and less smelly

and these are people who are getting naked in front of me

so of course politicians, strangers really, who cannot continue, they claim, without selling out a little to this one or that one — of course politicians are occasionally going to let us down in a big way.

this movie reminds us that we have to refocus back to the basic things that we want: a healthcare system that doesn’t bankrupt people, an electoral system where when you vote it matters, gun regulations that are written by people not lobbyists

but mostly this movie drives home the fact that this country believes in liberal values

big time

and the current day GOP has done nothing to change those values

meanwhile the democratic party has no one to blame except themselves for being such wimpy ass moderates

and not listening to their supporters who dont wanna be moderate about everything.

teachers shouldnt have to go on food stamps.

kids shouldnt have to worry about getting shot while in school.

the people of flint shouldnt have to worry that their drinking water is going to affect their freaking DNA for generations to come.

there should be no middle ground there.

for example, zero kids should be killed in school. if you want to call me a radical for not wanting to budge on that number, then fuck yeah, im a radical.

and fuck yeah am i happy that michael moore keeps doing what he does,

we clearly need him.