what a weird wild month

can i tell you everything?

do you want to know?

are things suddenly true in here?

one thing that’s obvious is ive blogged on here this month more than in previous januaries going back years and years

in part because i dont have a job.

i have some projects im working on and even though they’re challenging,

they dont stop me from coming over here.

weirdly, when i worked at certain offices i either didnt blog here at all or i blogged all the time.

but now that ive been at home for literally years now ive had a hard time blogging for a lot of reasons,

top of them all is because id been busy.

first writing the first draft for a long and detailed book and most recently trying everything i could to get Los Angeleno noticed.

tonight im sitting here listening to Dio, finishing up on project #1 and about to work on project #2. which i know i shouldnt be doing on Sunday but the clock is ticking

and i have to remind people im amazing.

today i watched church on youtube and they were great.

really good singing, naturally,

the organist

but the sermons were so good

in one of them the pastor gave props to the poet who spoke at bidens inauguration

even though there wasn’t anything religious about the poem

not everything needs to be to get love in this church, which is nice.

i should start posting them here

since they’re on youtube

the first half hour is the organist and then the service.


ive been researching corporate social media accounts for one of the projects

i spent all week on it.

my conclusion is most of them, even though their businesses are about communication

have giant holes in how they do social media.

either they arent following up on the questions that get asked

or they make way too many twitter handles (which was something we did wrong at the LAT)

or they have broken links or embarrassing photos that really should be removed.

as i studied them i wondered – am i really this insightful

or does nobody truly give one shit about their social media?

one company’s facebook page was impressively good so i googled that company’s name and “social media manager” and found their person’s LinkedIn.

turned out she had been doing it for two years and got a promotion this month.

but even though the FB was good the other channels were either meh or very bad.

were they holding her back? did she have ideas and they vetoed them?

some channels had zero interactions, no engagement at all.

for that you get a raise and a corner office?

the world is upside down i tell you.

and this is a giant sector of business meaning if someone decided: we’re going to beat all of our competitors at every social media platform, they could do it, with little effort.

really what they need to do is hire someone, give them a little freedom and a graphic artist.

if these two were actually good together, they could pay for themselves with the youtube revenue.

almost all of these companies had youtube channels that were terrible.

ironic because thats the only social network that pays you if you are good at it.

today was ernie banks’ birthday

mr cub