why isn’t anyone talking about the battle of the art museums?

art institute of chicagoone of the nice things about the Indians and the Cubs squaring off in the fall classic is you don’t have attention grabbing mayors betting buckets of lobsters

or if their team loses they’ll sing in the opponents uniform.

instead, because both of these cities have gone lifetimes since they’ve last been in the World Series, they’re focused on winning it.

they’re also super stoked just to be in it.

no one seems more stoked than the art institute of chicago

and the cleveland museum of art

who had a heartwarming battle in social media yesterday when the chicago museum (as seen in Ferris Buellers Day Off) took some liberties with Gustave Caillebotte’s “Paris Street; Rainy Day” – a work that was completed a mere 31 years before the Cubs won it’s last world championship.

the art institute has always had a healthy sense of humor and civic pride when it comes to Chicago sports, when the Bears were in the Super Bowl they’d put helmets on the lions in front of the main entrance (since they have Jay Cutler they just put scarves on them). and this year they have fashioned some Cubs hats on them. They’ve also put Black Hawks jerseys and helmets on the lions.

yesterday the museum posted the reworking of the Caillebotte on it’s Facebook and called out the Cleveland museum and quickly the Ohio museum rallied and posed for a picture of many of its employees donning Indians garb.

there were signs, big heads and even one dude posed like Rodin’s “Thinker”

cleveland museum

gotta love museum humor.

and midwesterners who don’t make goofy ridiculous corny bets

like, oh god, this one between the governors of ohio and illinois involving mustard and deep dish pizza.

oh well.

Go Cubs.