today was a weird day

some times they’re gonna be weird.

my neighbor is a very good person and she is in love with a man she just met 6 months ago.

they seem extremely happy and very compatible. both 30.

only problem is he wants kids and she does not.

so yesterday he said im sorry ive gotta break up with you.

and hes rich.

today she told me she might have kids, fuck it.

what else am i gonna do 10 years from now, she asked me.


what did i do when i was 40? oh thats right, the best thing i ever did: guide LAist to the top.

quadrupling the LA Times’ best blog.

could i have done it with a wife and kids?


now that i think of it, maybe the reason we did it was because i could be on that bad boy day and night with no distractions.

just floor it. more. more. more, more.

thats not what made today weird.

it took me 4 hours to get through church on YouTube

sometimes i have zero attention span.