i got my tape recorder today

and with it came a free box of fear and insecurity

both of which i will go to the Americana tomorrow and return at the Amazon store

here i had been waiting and waiting for this thing and then when it came i was all omg

how do i compete against all these famous people

how do i think of good questions, how do i make it not-too-long

how do i couple it with great social media and razzmatazz?

then i got a phone call and she said why are you scared, youre tony pierce

but im not tony pierce in the podcast world

in fact being tony pierce in that world is like being tony pierce in figure skating

so in that regard i totally wanna do this because it’s just ridiculous.

and heres another way to look at it

any breakthrough filmmaker, musician, rapper, artist, even race car driver is saying

i know all of you are more accomplished

but ive got something a little different, may i say


and people fucking love new