why didn’t anyone tell me Tapestry is fantastic

cnn was showing their giant deal called “The 70s”

we’ve seen it all before.

VH1 used to do it better (RIP VH1)

but there was old CNN plugging away and they were bouncing around from this one to that one, curiously never showing clips of the subject at hand talking about their success or making the work or anything, but whatevs

and they get to Tapestry and Tom Hanks pops in and says that when that record came out, if you went somewhere with friends in two groups of cars… and if one was the boys car and the other was the girls car… if you got in the girls car this is what theyd be playing out of the cassette deck.

i guess i was never in the girls car because even though i had seen this record name-checked over the years, i never bought it.

for some reason i never knew that this was the record that had “You’ve Got A Friend”, “So Far Away” and “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”. and for damn sure i didn’t know it had “I Feel The Earth Move”.

so here i was on a lazy Monday, not really wanting to do much more than order Chinese and listen to some music and I said oh we live in 2017, I can just go to Apple Music and play all of Tapestry if I want. lets see what this is all about.

and not only are the hits great, but the album as a whole is a real thing on its own. and who knew she wrote that Shirelles tune “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”. i even like her version.

so maybe once a week i’ll listen to classic records that i shoulda probably have heard by now but i wasnt in the girls car enough.