this is the 21st year of the busblog

can you believe any of that?

today i made black eyed peas, which i dont think ive ever done.

the bag said it would take 3 hours, but for some reason i boiled them for 22 minutes and they were all, here we are now, entertain us.

opened a can of Glory collard greens, i had some white rice in the fridge.

toasted some buns. and boom. new years.

it’s quieter this year than last.

last year new years eve was the foreshadowing that we didnt have long together.

i built a fire, found something good on tv. and she sat next to the tv, but not near me.

i said im not sure things get any more romantico than this, dont you wanna come overby me

and she didnt budge.

a week later she was gone, forever.

so there you have it, one minute you have a raging fire, which on instagram means boning on a bear skin rug, but IRL means not one thing.

i hope where ever she is tonight shes happy and full and thinking good thoughts.

lord knows im about to do just that.