pretty girl said if i wrote a screen play she would become my fiancee

and another one said in 10 years she wants to have busblog babies.

im a man with unusually low self esteem so i have no idea why these beautiful women would even want to talk to me let alone blah blah blah

today is st pattys day, jeanine and i’s anniversary

a million years ago i seduced her in sacramento, san francisco, santa barbara and then mexico during spring break

im glad we didnt have digital photography back then cuz lord knows what pictures i would have taken of that magical road trip.

sometimes the memories are better.

today i woke up early. the cats like to sleep with me, then wrestle on the new rug, then jump on the bed and get me to cuddle with them.

they mean no harm.

the boy though is getting a little rough on the girl. he likes to bite her and gnaw on her neck. she just sits there and takes it.

maybe she likes it?

they do this early when im watching CBS This Morning and im like hey no domestic abuse! they claim they dont know english but you cant bullshit a bullshitter.

i throw a sock at them and they scatter.

after i shit showered and shaved i went over to the House of Pies and got two pies for my coworkers: a Dutch Apple and a Key Lime because it was green.

they didnt seem to enjoy the Key Lime as much as the apple.

tonight after work im gonna drive all night for St. Paddys but not too late, i dont want anyone puking green in my benzo.