speaking of alien creatures, im trying to talk to this woman

beautiful in every way.

only problem is she refuses to have a conversation with me.

but when she does it lasts for 3 minutes or less

yesterday it was less

then she will disappear for days.

but when she says things they are the nicest and most complimentary things ever.

yesterday she invited me to a baseball game at an incredible ball park in a few weeks

and when i returned the text to ask some questions


not even sure if she read what i had written.

this has been going on for a very long time.

it’s like trying to have tea with a butterfly.

it’s like finding the greatest radio station that will let you hear one song

but usually only a half of it.

is that ghost band by rancid?

is that white dress by ldr?

was it all a dream?

because i have low self esteem sometimes i’ll think, did i ask the wrong question? did she take it the wrong way?

but now that i know theres aliens im thinking, is she a ufo

does she really wanna just anally probe me and see wtf humans are all about.

dear visitor to this planet: i am not wtf humans are all about.

im not even what hollywoodians are all about.

it’s 224am and even though ive brushed my teeth for the evening i realize ive only eaten half of the ding dong on my nightstand.

do not eat the ding dongs, ufos.

if you can help it dont eat anything in my apt

except for the tiny bananas the vons delivery chose for me

bc they hate me

like, who would ever want the smallest bananas?

lets hope she answers my question(s) tomorrow.

it’s like playing ping pong with a giant

gravity defying ball

and the equator

is the net