is social media bad for us? yes.

would it be great if i can really sustain myself through podcasting
so i wouldnt have to be on social for hours and hours studying it
so if i do get a gig that includes promoting things on Twitter FB and Instagram,
i’d know what to do?


yesterday i was looking through IG and saw these models at a White Party

it was a birthday party for someone who rented a mansion and spared no expense, they even had mostly nude women who you could eat sushi rolls off

across town the Lakers are playing to a mostly empty arena because we’re doing our best to end this covid nonsense

in a few weeks we wont have to wear masks anywhere

but obviously a lot of people just cannot wait a few more weeks

and do this instead

and yes it makes me irritated.

but when you think about who these people are at this party

these are people who have made small fortunes being beautiful and flaunting their wealth and cheekbones

one of the women eating the california roll allegedly bilked her sugar daddy out of $1.3 million, and worse, broke his heart by saying no to him after he proposed over the phone.

some of us need to be outside, at parties, dressed to impress, and in the feeds of nobodies like me,

and then placed in world famous blogs.

so i cant be mad at them for long.

indeed, we should take pity.