only boring people get bored

then i guess im boring.

i cannot concentrate on anything.

i asked the doc what should i do she said you gotta wait 3-4 months to get adderall. i said i dont have that long. ive gotta make some major moves quick or else i will end up working for some soulless company doing the same old stuff and then poof my life will be over.

i dont wanna live in a soviet apartment.

i dont wanna have an ordinary life.

when i die i want people to say holy shit i didnt know tony pierce is buried here and when their friend asks who’s tony pierce they’ll say

spark up that joint and i’ll tell you.

i feel like im at a crossroads but its also a cliff

and ive gotta jump.

and i could crack my head open on the coral below

or i could stick it perfectly and swim into another land.

april 1 2001 i moved into this apartment which means  in two weeks i will have lived here 20 years.

i have done some very fun things in this apartment.

i have had some huge breakthroughs and some deep deep disappointments.

but for the most part way more good things have happened than bad and this year will either be a truly new leaf

or more of the same.

i want a new leaf.

it’s hard to say good bye to the comfortable and familiar.

but it’s time to turn the page.

and maybe that’s why im all blocked up right now.

usually pizza makes my stomach knot up. but today i ate a pepto bismol before i went to get the pie and all went well.

then after i ate half of it i warmed up some peas and ate those too.

these 20 years have flown by at breakneck speeds.

please get high if you ever come by my gravestone.