life is so full of tempation


what was i listening to the other day but the one guy was saying to the other guy

how do you deal with the voices in your head.

i dont have any voices. but i have options all the time. always have.

99% of the time i do the right thing.

this is why people go in to religion. we ALWAYS wanna do the right thing.

and we think if we lead a life of spirituality we will ensure that the number will stay perfect.

because we know that it’s the one time we do the wrong thing that will haunt us forever.

im not saying something super terrible like murdering someone or saying we’re gonna build a wall to keep people out of the country.

im saying bad things like taking the wrong girl to the weezer concert instead of the right girl.

or when youre at the drug store and someone left money in the change tray. you dont take it.

i dont take it. theres cameras everywhere. its always a trap.

so many things are traps. just be good. the kingdom of heaven is waiting.

for some of us sooner than others.

just be patient. just accept the good thats already in your life.

no need to be greedy like the ppl we all despise.

enjoy what you know is yours. what should be yours. that which was given freely to you.

shits got your name on it yours.

but avoid all the stuff that you know isnt yours. shouldnt be yours.

wouldnt be yours in a million years, so what makes you think its yours now/