today was hard

didnt get a lot of sleep because i had a big meeting at 11:30am and i had been up until 5am putting together a box of baseball cards for this 10 year old kid who gives cards to other little kids

and i ask you, how do you not support that endeavor?

i buy super inexpensive cards buy the hundreds because currently there are a lot of people who are only interested in the most expensive cards and basically give away the rest of the set for pennies.

i have pennies. i will take the cards of the majority of the MLB off yr hands.

because of that i have boxes of doubles that may not be worth a lot on ebay today but you learn a lot from these cards. and one thing i have learned is its more fun to share than to horde.

so even though going to the post office is a chore and my tape never works and i struggle with addresses and the machines. today i went and learned some things and my favorite guy at the post office remembered me.

earlier in the day i had asked my mailman if any mail guy had ever been on a stamp. that stumped him. but when i asked my post office guy he said, yes in the mid 80s there was a generic stamp representing ALL postal workers.

i said, sounds like you people are overdue for a stamp.

when i got home i saw it wasnt the mid 80s when those stamps came out, it was the early 70s.

talk about over due.

back to my mailman. when i asked him why mailmen never get recognized he said there werent really any famous ones.

i asked, “maybe you gotta save an old lady one day”?

he said, “we save people all the time.”

and then told me that the postman is the first to notice when people dont get their mail.