today is presidents day

did you send out all your cards?

the only person who sends me cards for this holiday is my uncle jim.

jim of course is one of the original xbi agents.

i know this because i tried to send him R. Crumb’s illustrated “Genesis” for Christmas and amazon told me that no one lived there

even though it is the same exact address that i get on his cards for fathers day, valentines day, and every other holiday including this very special one.

we don’t have this day off at work because we are only a few weeks away from the Oscars and this is pretty much the home stretch.

this year i will be doing the Instagram Story. Last year if you remember i did the Snapchat.

i will reach about 11x the people that i did last year. so there’s a bit more added pressure but not much because the difference is

a lot of people or an OMG TON OF PEOPLE

they’re both the same. and im a pro. and ive been around this race course before. what i am looking for are some insoles to cushion my step because that is the only thing i wish i had done last year: protected my feet. as my dogs were plum wore out, Jethro.

today its windy. it rained a little last night. all of that is fine. get this bad weather out of the way so we have clear skies and warm temps for the big show.

everyone got sick these last few weeks. we will all be strong and healthy and wise and prepared for whatever goes down bc Lord knows it probably won’t be weirder than it was last year. and that was weird.

anyways happy birthday president obama.