when i procrastinate

i do hear in LA nonsenses

i write ppl i shouldnt

i take walks and nearly get in fights with crazy ppl 2x my size

i buy air in a can at the corner store for way too much money but my keyboard key is stuck


i eat and eat and eat and eat

why am i procrastinating?

i seriously need to turn off my social media

the problem is im doing something ABOUT social media so i need to refer to it

but i dont need to be calling politicians liars on it, thats for sure

even though theyre lying

and poorly, at that.

why do i think my tweets matter? why do i think i will bring them around to the truth?

change their ways?

inspire them to be their higher selves? their Christian selves?

my higher self is to finish this damn thing by 1am, get some sleep and wake up at the crack of 9am and get this meeting done and go back to bed and do something else magical.

but something tells me i wont

something tells me i will listen to the siren song and i will eat the lotus flower and get stuck on the isle of procrastination with the fair maidens and wicked beasts

save me

why am i procrastinating: a film

fortune teller looked at my palm

she said you’re holding back, why do you think that is?

i said, what does my palm say?

she said, it says look into the crystal ball

i said wheres that?

she said yr heart.

i said im probably procrastinating because ive been dealt a long series of nos lately and im a sensitive poet and i take those things very personally and it crushes my fragile ego and my body says just curl up and die in a ball instead of trying

she said, wrong heart, that was the heart of a coward. you’re tony pierce, look into your heart.

and in my heart there was a party going on. everyone was dancing around or telling jokes or playing in a band or eating cake or being jolly and singing songs.

i asked, what was the question again?

she said, why are you dragging your feet on the ladder of success?

i said, cuz theres poop on the soles of my shoes and im trying to get them off?

she said, just take off the shoes entirely, we are a happy family.

i said ok now what

she said, rise.