dont do school

theres nothing to understand. it’s all just a wheel that spins and lands on something and then we all have to do that dance.

theres nothing to feel. it’s just all lights and colors and our brains says beep boop bop and our lips moves and eyes blink and we march into the voting booth

and do the wrong thing

knowing we are doing the wrong thing

knowing that there are actual smart people in the world who should be flying the plane, building the future, splitting the atoms, beginning the beguine.

she said can you stop writing about yourself

he said who is me, do you know? does he. does God?

she said God knows everything.

he said, then how is it interesting to him? who wants to watch the Brady Bunch for 45 years every day? dont we want to see marcia get hit in the nose by the football and then grab a knife and chase Peter around or Bobby or whoever threw it and say im a high school girl, my nose is everything, youve ruined me, the girls will laugh at me more than the boys because high school boys are so horny they dont care, i just have to keep wearing these short dresses but how am i gonna survive the girls. fine, i’ll just move to a land of the broken nosed rejects.

eat your drugs, lunch lady. stay in vegetables, sloppy joe.

vote for the baby, states who dont think women should choose what happens to them.

play with fire, gullibles and history haters.

God does know everything

worst of all, he knows our hearts.