if i could start my life over id have been nicer to a few people

hard workerstarting with pretty much all of my girlfriends

next i would have tried harder to learn french and spanish

i would have been a computer programmer

i would have given up on sports sooner.

i would have joined the marching band earlier.

i would have kissed way more girls in high school.

i would have kissed pretty much every girl in college.

i would have finished more of the books that i started in my english classes.

i wouldn’t have given up on art at drawing, i would have learned how to really paint.

i would have never bought a drum set, instead i would have learned the guitar and piano.

would i have watched all the tv that i watched? yes.

i would have started reading the bible earlier.

i would have gotten into more fights in school.

once i moved to california i did pretty much everything right, except for the niceness to the girlfriends part.

i would have blogged even more in the beginning, if that is even possible.

i wouldnt have sold my Home Depot stock as early as i did.

but im glad i stayed with Blogger, Buzznet, and LAist for as long as i did.

and im glad i kept it as real as possible along the way.

i should have quit selling tvs at sears though, before they fired me.