im just like you, i want what you want

i want a low rider that will do the most amazing things

i also want a monster truck.

i wanna date whoever i wanna date.

i wanna eat whatever i eat at whereever.

i wanna tell the truth the whole truth

sweetened by the most ridiculous lies.

like you i wanna fly a plane one day

from sea to shining sea.

and for some of it i wanna turn on the auto pilot

and be all whooooooooooooah

and just like you i want the president to go down tomorrow.

because we need to live in a place together where

when you do fucked up shit

you pay.

the next presidents shouldnt waltz in thinking

they can just do whatevs.

fuck them and their whatevs.

dick around in your own companies and lives and dramas

but when youre the leader of the world,

you need to have it together.

there are low riders that can do amazing things.

we’re just asking for

one person

to not be corrupt and terrible.