got some work done, but not enough

i have blockage.

i know it will clear up soon.

had a good talk with my brother. that wasn’t blocked.

i stare at this laptop so much my eyes and my head get sick.

for years i did a good job focusing on good, but i think im blocked and sick and stuck because im focusing on problems

not solutions.

tomorrow i have a good interview set up.

i did my research. i have a few good questions. i have an angle.

i dont usually like any of those. i like things to be natural, organic, gluten free.

but i want to try something different tomorrow.

i really wanna take the bus there even though it would be an hour each way.

but i dont wanna risk being late.

i guess i could always hop off and take an uber if things run behind.

but i need to get back home quick

so i can struggle

i will get out of this hole.

i always do.

this has been a long, deep one though.

with unexpected foes.