penguins on an iceberg that’s been flipped upside down, known as a blue iceberg

a lot has been going on. it was a busy week. i hit a lot of dead ends.

i yelled at some people. feelings were hurt. im going to fight a ticket.

fish was made. asparagus. ended up with some korean old lady cookies.

fed the homeless. warm feelings were patched. bowled.

ive been collecting baseball cards like crazy. perhaps in part out of research.

Just Because You Can Trade a Mike Trout Card for a Tesla Doesn’t Mean You Should

work got me a podcast mic. it sounds good. it’s pretty huge. gonna need a stick.

watched some of the impeachment. watched snl. fought on the internet.

been watching my cats’ diets. went to the doc for a check up.

bought dental insurance.

organized baseball cards. got some good deals. went to walmart.

bought and installed a new, soft toilet seat.

i was impressed with myself.

wrote about some climate change activists.

you’ll see it on monday.

found out some things.

ate fish.

paid the maid.

kissed amber