if i had my way

id release 5 episodes of hear in LA next week

we have more than that many in the can and i just listened to one of them today

and it is soooooooo goooood

is this why i dont have children?

i would have just loved the newest one and forgotten about the rest?

the one coming out today is with alex dionne who i went to ucsb with

who is a real estate person now in a very fancy part of LA

so she has sold a house that cost over $5 million.

you get $100k commission for that

her answers were so good but because im an idiot i didnt know how to mic the convo

therefore theres echos every where in the thing

like so much it sounds like we are in a church inside a cave inside my skull

i wonder if people will ignore it

im such a weirdo about sound quality now

im terrified people will stop listening due to technical issues

anyways shes great and, heres the people off the top of my head coming up next

sass, a dude who the cops targeted, a woman who used to work for shonda, a dude who the sheriff of LA hates the most, a great photographer, a woman who knows everything about transportation, and a guy who played bass in bob dylans band

i want them all out right now

the world needs to hear all of this it’s so good – but i only do 2 a week

that means half of that you wont hear until next month

i may have to convince jordan that we need to do a menage a trois weekend and bust with three on the same week… or even three in the same day omg omg

one day sass brought over her super hot friend candis

me candis and sass

i was the blog editor of the times at the time and i was trying my best to get one of our movie blogs on the map.

it was written by this excellent reporter who traveled around and got these great stories

but he wasnt a critic, he wrote about movie news, which was fine, and he’d write a few features. good features. but the web was yawning.

i was starting to learn that unless a movie blog was something super dooper special and unique like The Hero Complex

it was gonna be a struggle to get it happening.

so i thought of this great idea, i was gonna dress up in costume every week and go to the movies

and invite all of our readers to come with us and afterwards we would interview the readers

and ask them what they thought of the movie

and we would put their videos up a couple days later

and we would call the whole thing The LA Times Movie Club

well of course everyone jumped on board because it was a brilliant idea and i was making good money

so i didnt even expense the costumes or the wigs or the makeup or even the movies

and omg the entertainment editors came up to me and shook my hand and said

“tony god bless you. there are so many lonely people out there and you have

given them a way to see movies with other strangers and our fine paper. you’re amazing!”

so one day i was almost ready to go to the movies. it was robin hood. the remake with kevin costner.

and sass was in the neighborhood and she wanted to introduce me to her friend

and i was all, who cares, fine. i’ll say hi.

and in walks sass who always looks spectacular and who is this wearing a child’s tshirt as a dress

but candis marie from the east side and i was all, trust me i dont always dress like an elf.

she was all, nice tights.

and we took the picture of our shoes because rarely do i have cool shoes on.

tony why, damnit, whyyyyyyyyy?

sass and her friend in my crib

Felicia from Reseda asks: Why are you such a fucking slob? Are you really THAT lazy or does life just have NO meaning for you? Do you not care what others think of you because YOU don’t give a rat’s ass about yourself? Do you have self-respect? Do you LOVE TONY? Is eating right and exercising and grooming yourself and dressing NEAT (not necessarily nice or sexy!) THAT much of a CHORE/EFFORT? Or, does all that shit take up too much of your valuable time and keep you from blogging and social networking?

time is the most valuable thing we have. that and our blogs.

am i a slob? to some. but it’s a messy thing, not a dirty thing. theres no mold. the maid takes care of the dirt and germs.

me, i love print products: newspapers, magazines, polaroids, paper plates, plastic cups, and the like.

me, i dont love wasting my days hiding things. hiding things in rows, in boxes, in clear cubes, in closets. me, i like finding things. and if they are on the floor, awesome. if i can find the camera, for example, and two pretty girls are on my bed pretending to be bored outta their gourds, then hi, click!

does life have NO meaning to me? i have a feeling felicia youre gonna hate this answer, but when you read the Good Book you will see it taught many times that this life does have meaning, but it’s merely a stepping stone for Heaven. our riches, our treasures, our real meaty substance that you probably also yearn for is not here. it cannot be organized from goods at the Container Store. i cherish the friendships and miracles that i experience with my friends and loves but they pale in comparison for what this is all leading to. and on my gravestone i doubt it will ever say, he kept a tidy room or omg you shoulda seen his closets.

do i not care what others think about me because i dont give a rat’s ass about myself? excellent question. early in my life i learned that i could care deeply about what others thought of me OR i could not give one crap about that. i chose the latter, precisely because i care about myself. perfect example: when i was but a lad i saw mr. bruce springsteen write and perform one of the biggest most touching records ever: Born in the USA, a show where he sold out the LA Coliseum 4 or 5 times over. thats like a half million people just in LA loving him. he took time out of the show to bring up volunteers from the LA food bank, he performed an anti-war song, and he spoke sincerely and deeply about love, loss, and pink cadillacs. he played each show for four hours and tickets were only like $30.

and still when we got out of the show there were protesters, on the radio there was hate, and in the paper there were articles about the Springsteen Backlash. it taught me very clearly that no matter what you do or say or sing, there will always be haters. you cannot win over everyone. so simply do your best to win over the Lord. and Jesus don’t care if you have old bottles of beer on the wall. he just wants your heart to be pure.

do i have self-respect? probably

do i love myself? frequently

is eating right and exercising and dressing neat that much of a chore? yes and it’s boring and a waste of money. if someone loves fat bald tony with clothes from target they probably love my heart, not my smoke and mirrors, which is way better because theres gonna be another train coming through with better smoke and mirrors any minute now.

dont be fooled by the outside, young skywalker, close yr eyes and feel the force.

its sass’s birthday today

shes 25

theres many reasons to like people, but i like sass cuz when i say photo shoot? she says heck yeah

sass often has a sad or bored look on her face. its cuz im boring

my favorite picture of your friend from toronto was when she met Pau right after the Lakers won it all

i like it because we get to see how tall sass really is: pocketsized!


happy birthday sexy girl who spent most of the year living in a suitcase

may you find some sweet love, real love, this time around

try this: crush on some straight ones this year 🙂

omg its lowercase carmen and sass zucket taking a picture for me

oh canada how do you do it?

i moved to Los Angeles to run across women like these and just like in the song, love was right there in my back yard.

sass: checkyerinbox

busblog: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a great pic!
busblog: where did you two take that pic?

sass: at a bar named Unlovable
in Toronto
i ran into her

busblog: did she mention my name?

sass: no but i did and then she said you talked to her a few weeks ago

canada is just crawling with hot blogger chicks. its really amazing to see in real life.

i do wanna go up there for new years eve. im leaning toward TO again, but id prefer BC.

but only if its off the hook.



Sass was asked: “Who is one person you look up to and why?”

She answered: Tony Pierce. I only hope to one day be as honest, endearing and dork nasty of a blogger as he is. The blogfather tells it like it is, nay, ought to be. When he tells me what to do, I usually say ‘no’ then end up adhering to his advice anyway. He has built a life of rock n’ roll, hot babes, blogging and true love – what’s not to look up to?

poor sass

her boss sent her to timbuktu to save the pacific northwest

and there she rots away in some posh hotel with no one to flirt with but the 16 yr old bellboy

who wouldnt know what to do if he had the chance

so she works in the day, takes a cab home at night

where she sips endless glasses of wine,

reading romance novels

and waiting for some prince to find her in her ivory tower

but they never come.

which is why she passes out in her stilettos each night

and dreams and dreams and dreams

of you