had a headache for three days, thought, ‘is this brain cancer’?

then i thought can you even


brain cancer?

i did all the regular things, started drinking water, ate asprin, ate advil, turned down the radio, stopped reading twitter.


every day id fall asleep with a little headache right there,

right where it shouldnt be.

and every morning id wake up and there it was.

never overwhelming, just there, like a bruise almost.

back in the day the xbi would do things to our heads, but i realized ive been away from them almost as long as i was ever with them. i dont think they want me any more. i scared em away. plus they hate being blogged about. hate it. and for sure they hate having it displayed on the benz.

still i thought, did they do something? did something they did way back suddenly fritz? why is this headache just in one small sector? why does it throb for 20 minutes then disappear for an hour?

why can i suddenly see through walls?

why can i read her mind


why can i see between the dots?

and whats that aroma?




i got two save the dates in the mail in my box yesterday, and sadly i can’t make either.