i dont like doing panel discussions

but someone cool invited me to partake. so if youre in LA and want to see something you wont see very often, read below. but first an example of old school social media

from the invite:

Hello L.A. Edsters. Our friends at Demand Media (which is seemingly always hiring, btw) have agreed to play host to our next Ed 2010 panel discussion. This one will be a brown bag discussion on social media and how to use it to better your journalism career and your publication’s online attention.

We’ll have four panelists discuss these and other issues and then we’ll open the discussion up to you guys. Most important, we’ll give Edsters some time to network (socially) after the event.


Our esteemed panel of social media experts include Tony Pierce, blog editor for Los Angeles Times (Twitter: @busblog), Rachel Globus, editor, Answerbag.com/Demand Media (Twitter: @mediajunkette), Sheigh Crabtree, Vice President of Audience Development at Perfect Market (Twitter: @sheigh), Debra Eckerling, Freelance journalist/manager of Write On Online (Twitter: @writeononline). Before we start the panel, Jeremy Reed, Demand’s SVP of content (Twitter: @jebreed) will welcome everyone.

REFRESHMENTS: Sodas and waters will be on hand.

PARKING: There is a public parking garage on Second Street, next door to Demand Media’s building. The fee is $5. There is also parking in Demand Media’s garage for $6. If you’re parking on the street or in the public lot: someone will be at the front door of the building to let you in. Ring the buzzer near the main entrance to enter the office.

Why don’t I like panels? I’m not convinced that anything ever comes of them. Is the web better? Do people do stuff smarter? Do people really learn in ways they don’t learn from just reading the sites and blogs?

I know I live in LA and schmoozing makes the world go round, but schmoozing makes my gut churn ’round. I hate it, i avoid it, and i can count on one hand the positives that i have experienced either professionally or personally from contact i have made while wearing a “Hi my name is Busblog” sticker.

But like I said, some cool people invited me and I look forward to being on a panel with my former cohort Sheigh who is a quiet leader on the web.