one good thing (and there are many) about being black

is, if we are in touch, we don’t worry about certain things

because in the last 100 years things have been much worse.

hell, 50 years ago it was illegal for a black man to marry a white woman in half of the USA.

so when people get all uptight about the supreme court, or certain laws, a well-grounded black person could say, welcome to my nightmare

shits always been bad. we cope. we fight on. we dont get hysterical. we dont scream and cry. we keep marching up that hill.

despite how steep it is.

regardless of how much oil they spill to slow our progress.

it’s gonna happen.

we will reach that mountain top.

which isn’t to say that there isn’t a time and place to make a joyful noise, oh there is. there just isn’t a time and place to quit. because, and heres the secret to life the universe and everything: people are watching. and people are mimics. thats how we learn.

and if someone sees you fight a little and if they respect you, even secretly, then they will think fuck this is impossible. but nothing is impossible. blacks can marry whites. we did send men to the moon. the cubs did win the world series.

we did figure out how to get internet access through the freakin air.

which means we can solve the problems of today, just like we can solve the issues of tomorrow.

we will do it together, as a team, but every member of that team needs to remember that everyone is watching and learning and if your lesson is to persevere, then fucking persevere.

aint no anthems being sung about dirty quitters.