im gonna start working on a secret project soon

im no good at secrets any more because the xbi trained me how to keep a secret better than anyone but f the xbi

therefore f secrets

but this is an important one because if everything works out right it will benefit society

and deep down thats all i really wanna do for the rest of my life.

yesterday i was at lunch with a young man and we were in the drive thru and the young lady cashier had a unique name

and i asked her how she pronounced it.

then i asked her if she had run into anyone with that name before?

she said her grandma.

afterwards the gentleman asked me, almost in an annoyed manner

“why are you so nice to everyone?”

which at first seems like an odd question, but when you put yourself in other peoples shoes, maybe they havent had such a great life. maybe others have been mean to them. maybe their path has been hard. and maybe they have seen how being nice doesnt always equate to others being nice in return.

so i said, im nice here because i really do love people. i love how differently everyone thinks. how weird it is that everyone sounds different. i love fashions ppl wear. and best of all i love everyones stories and secretly i just want them to tell me great tales of wonder and intrigue.

real life stories are a million times more interesting than fiction. why? because people being themselves is way more interesting than falsifying the record.

which is why nothing in here is true.