bree texted me and said she read my Rage item on FB

according to their drummer, the band has officially broken up for good this time

so i put it on my FB because technically my contract is up at setlist until (hopefully) late next week, otherwise I would have pitched it to her.

well she’s all powerful so she asked if i could write it, without a contract, and of course i said yes bc i have loved writing for her and that site and this is interesting news of their demise

and, naturally, we agreed on something very hard: write about the songs they never played live in their career – specifically tunes they recorded but never performed.

since their last studio album came out 20 years ago you’d think they’d have exhausted all of them, but no, there were Six Songs Rage Never Played And Never Will if they continue to be at each other’s throats.

so i researched them all, none of which were familiar to me, and got to present them today which made me so very happy bc i love writing about rock music. and history. and kickass bands. and rare shit. and things no one else is writing about.

things i’ve written in the first half of September for Setlist

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i have a series of part time jobs along with uber

on one of them i write about concerts that i did not attend.

every now and then they ask me to write about concerts in the past.

the one today was the first show Metallica played on their Damage Tour in 1986 which catapulted them from opening band (on this they opened for Ozzy) to the headliners they would be for the rest of their careers.

i love doing these little pieces, in part bc I get to do them for Bree who is the BEST.