people ask me about amber all the time

my shrink, strangers, kids, the cats

to be honest, once i got rid of the Timehop app and cleaned up her office and moved some pictures and cut down the avocado tree, it was getting a lot easier to get over her.

obvs i pray for her every night. but we dont talk or text. she has made her social channels private or im blocked.

whatever is going on is good because it’s good to have a clean break sometimes and move on with life. and heal.

but then people want to get into it with me, especially my shrink and i dont wanna

i just wanna move on.

when we first broke up i needed to talk about it but i dont any more.

i may even end things with my shrink because she keeps bringing her up and im telling you im over it.

sometimes the movie ends and the credits roll and they turn on the lights.

and you drive home

and open the fridge

and eat an entire cake.

eight were good

the thing about blogging is the same lie they tell you about Saturday Night Live

“relax, they’re just sketches”

when people blog they should just write.

dont even look back. maybe ever. and for damn sure dont obsess.

tell us your truth, take a puff off of whats smoldering, and tell alexa to play rock music.

today i went to my shrink who i gotta tell you, i am still not sure if she likes me

i tell her incredible stories. i take responsibility for things.

im sure im funny.

but she doesnt seem one bit interested in most of it.

very odd. i dont get it. but i will say, sometimes saying things out loud

sorta like writing them down for the world to see

helps me figure out what to do.

in this case the answer is probably moustache-related.