it’s 2am. I am expecting a call in 8 hours.

if i get that call i need to drive an hour away to do an interview.

but i never am asleep at this hour.

so i am going to watch tv.

like a normal person.

even though all i wanna do is work.

i have not been this workaholic since i was first doing uber.

i remember once being at alis friends’s house on new years eve and i was checking my watch the whole time because all i wanted to do was drive

all i wanna do is make youtube videos for the podcast.

heres what i made on friday


i think i turned around the sleep problem

maybe this happens to everyone, but if i skip breakfast and eat a late lunch i will get super sleepy.

as you know ive been up all night on the project (RIP), id take amber to work at like 5am and then id get home and read the paper, dick around on the computer and go to bed around noon. that would eventually turn into 2pm. it was terrible because amber would get home and i would still be asleep. we werent able to spend any time together because i was the opposite of her.

so i remembered about my weird no breakfast sleepy thing. so what i did yesterday when i woke up at 8pm (!!!!) was i didnt eat right away. i waited until midnight. i ate, got sleepy and immediately jumped in bed — and it worked i fell asleep. little did i know amber would wake up at 4:20am, which would wake me up, but fine. maybe now my body thinks that i should wake at 4:20am now, which i could totally live with.

so now its 7:30am she is back to sleep. she wants to do yoga at 8. i want to walk up to griffith park and be one with the butterflies.

and with that i give you a selfie that Colin Powell took 65 years ago.

when did people start being afraid of what they write

so many are so fearless about so much but it sure seems like writers are so afraid, but why

is it because our imaginations run and run and can think about all the possibilities – with special emphasis on the negative outcomes.

but they dont happen.

for years before i worked at the Times i wondered, what if they read this and think im insane and dont hire me? but not only didn’t “they” read it, they couldnta cared less. they barely read LAist which was 100x more popular

and wild. and fun. and at times embarrassing.

all the things you should be afraid of showing a prospective employer. but that was the thing we talked about the most.

finally got some sleep last night. the issue with this secret project is you can do it all day and all night and one thing just leads to another

its never ending. and fascinating.

i want a tommys burger now.

only got a few hours of sleep last night, which is rare

usually amber and i watch a Sopranos or two and hit the hay once she starts snoring.

sometimes im the one who snores first.

then someone shuts off the tv, claps twice and the christmas lights and aroma therapy stops and the cats realize it’s the end of another broadcast day.

but yesterday was a good day for lots of reasons. so good that as she and i were walking home from dinner i spotted a Bird scooter right there on Sunset. i looked on my app to see if it was a decent reward to charge it up and free it in the morning and sure enough it was worth $11. so i took it and charged it.

amber usually works very early in the morning and often she kisses me goodbye and that will send me back to a peaceful slumber but sometimes it riles me up and i cant get back to sleep. because i hadnt slept well i had a hard time getting back.

so i watched tv and looked at my phone and fed the cats and considered releasing the bird.

but everything i did i did in slow motion and with the hope that i would get groggy and pass out for one more hour. for a half hour. for 15 more minutes. but no.

my mind was racing. so many ideas. so many weird thoughts, oh so many.

and now its a bit after noon and my body is like mmmmm nap fool. nap.

but now is when the world wants me.

and i want it.